Help @BAKEHOUSE_BH keep feeding their community for free during war time.

BIZCOCHOS bakery has teamed up with @Proof bakery and @Bakehouse_bc to create a GOFUNDME campaign with a goal of feeding Ukranian People in Kyiv through war time. This city has been severely attacked but still has many of its residents living there. The objective of the campaign is to assist in the purchase of ingredients for the bakery that has lost most of its funds, but insists on remaining open as per employees request, to keep feeding people for free. Anna Makievska is one of the founders of BAKEHOUSE, a bakery that sells sourdough bread, pastries and even ice creams. Her bakery is widely regarded as one of the best in Ukraine. Since the war broke out, Anna, her newborn daughter Mariia, her 8 year old Varvara and her mom managed to escape to Spain. Her husband stayed behind to fight, and her bakery is feeding anyone who comes in without regard for finance.

A purchase from BIZCOCHOS at the April 9th Eggcellent Easter Market of Paska Easter Bread, a traditional Ukranian bread. Or Their colored theme Ukranian pastries will go directly to to the cause and help feed the people of Ukraine.

In a time of war and food uncertainty every donation counts! let's hope for a more peaceful time for Ukraine.

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