Our Cooking Experiences

Bizcochos scheduled classes offer you a fun & relaxing opportunity to learn how to prepare a wide variety of baked goods and Spanish dishes

Salty Experiences

BIZCOCHOS Salty Experience offers you an opportunity to learn trademark traditional Spanish & Mexican dishes such as tamales, paella & Hojaldre empanadas.

Sweet Experiences

BIZCOCHOS Sweet Experiences teach how to prepare a wide variety of baked goods and pastries, like Mexican conchas, french macarons & professionally decorated cookies.


Many of our Baking classes are inspired by the traditional Mexican & French techniques learnt by Baker Vivianna in her hometown of Tijuana Mexico. Be ready to enter a fascinating world by learning the art used in Traditional Mexican Bakeries and get a taste of the heart of  Mexico!


Mexican baking classes will let you learn about the pastry Culture in Mexico and discover that there are more than 100 types of pastries with quite Picturesque names that are as creative as Mexican Culture is! This extensive variety of pastries is a result of a fusion between European bread tradition & Mexican Ceremonial traditions!